Openwork decorative panels

Openwork decorative panels

Openwork decorative panels

Openwork panels allow for creation of whichever space.Thanks to its unusual gentleness they can serve as a wall decoration.They perfectly suit for a decorative, original partition.Thanks to the wealth of openwork panel patterns You will create an interior with incredible visual effects

Lift the veil of secrecy.

Attention: All products form category Openwork panels may be produced for an individual size. Evey request concerning openwork panels is treated individually, we prepare a visualisation and determine if it is possible to realise a particular project.

Openwork panels are commonly made of MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard) panes.

- Available thickness: 10mm,18mm, 25mm, 30 mm
- Maximum size of a single panel is 110cm (width) x 280cm (height)

 Available finish:

- crude – intented for lacquering

- lacquered white –  panels ready for assembly in versions: mat, satin, high gloss

- lacquered color – Mouk offers a wide range or colours on the basis of proffesional colour templates like RAL, NCS, pantone.

Instruction assembly available here  and here